KOMET LD0707 Kit

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The KOMET LD0707 kit from KOMET USA offers an ideal range of rotary instruments designed to cut, finish, and polish full-contour restorations fabricated of zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate, aluminum oxide, or pressed ceramics.

The kit provides 4 ZR Flash Polishers and 3 ZR Diamonds, all conveniently arranged and secured in a stainless-steel, sterilizable bur block. The coarse-grit ZR Diamonds provides an exceptional performance-to-service life ratio, and the medium-grit versions are suitable for a wide range of adjustment procedures. For seating adjustments, preparing endodontic access, or crown removal, KOMET ZR Diamonds save chair time and optimize the quality of all-ceramic restorations.

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KOMET LD0707 Kit
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