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Henry Schein's New LED Illuminated Mirror

The LED Illuminated Mirror handle from Henry Schein augments a common dental instrument with powerful LED illumination for enhanced visibility.

Henry Schein recently introduced its latest innovation in dental instruments, the LED Illuminated Mirror handle. This new mirror handle is a lighting unit that is designed for use with mirror heads and dental instruments.

Both lightweight and ergonomic, the Henry Schein LED Illuminated Mirror handle features a true-color, bright white LED light that provides the dental professional with optimal illumination of the oral cavity and tooth structures. Better visibility in the oral cavity allows the clinician to treat patients more efficiently and effectively. The LED provides a bright, clean, and cool light source, while requiring a fraction of the power of conventional halogen-based lights. Due to its light weight and ergonomic design, handling the LED Illuminated Mirror handle minimizes fatigue and user stress.

The complete Henry Schein LED Illuminated Mirror kit comes with a single handle that contains the battery housing and cover, as well as 2 autoclavable illumination heads. Replacement illumination heads are also sold separately (does not include mirror heads). Henry Schein is the exclusive distributor of the LED Illuminated Mirror handle and all Henry Schein brand products. 'Bob Alaburda




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LED Illuminated Mirror
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