Lemon Power Rinse

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Aloe is incorporated to provide soothing relief for any irritation, soreness or inflammation in the mouth. This blend is infused with a natural lemon-mint flavor to stimulate a healthy salivary flow and leave your mouth feeling exceptionally clean and fresh.

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Clean, Fresh and no After taste
I have been using and recommending Oxyfresh mouthrinse for over 20 years. The stabilized chlorine dioxide is a powerful odor eliminator,but at the same time it is very gental to tissue. I like that it is alcohol free and lemon flavor helps stimulate saliva, a real help to those suffering from xerostomia. Once patients try this rinse they usually like it and notice a differenc in how their mouths feel if they should run out. A real winner in my opinion!
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Lemon Power Rinse
Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.
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