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Lubrina is currently the only system available that accepts multiple brands of spray lubricant. Additionally, up to 2 different spray lubricants can be used in the same cycle—a significant time saver. Lubrina comes equipped with an air suction system for odor elimination and a return circuit that absorbs excess lubricant to help keep the operating area clean. Versatile, Lubrina offers several maintenance couplers compatible with: TwinPower Morita, KaVo MULTIflex LUX, Sirona R/F, W&H Roto Quick, and standard E-Type.

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It is now 2 years i have this product, we use it every day in a busy oral surgery practice with 3 doctors.It works just great, I save on drill repairs since this unit lubricates the handpieces externally and internally.....
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J. Morita Usa
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