Luxator P Series

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Product Description

New penholder grip for optimal tactility and access

The dental Luxator P-series offers the advantage of working with a penholder grip design, giving increased tactility, access and precision in every extraction. Initiating the extraction process with the dental Luxator P Series will simplify the extraction considerably.

The fine tapered blade compresses the alveolar bone, cuts the periodontal ligaments, and gently eases the tooth out of the socket. Coated with titanium nitride, these dental extraction tools do not require sharpening. Available in four sizes.


DIRECTA DENTAL Luxator P-series Coated with titanium nitride for durability, the thin periotome tips efficiently cut the periodontal ligament before extraction The luxators had such thin tips that they literally slid down next to the root/tooth surface. Thomas Gilbert, DDS Fort Wayne, IN The handle on these allows a better grip, resulting in better control and greater leverage. Nader Zanzi, DMD Granite Bay, CA The Luxators were light and easy to grip and extremely ef...

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Evaluators Agree: Luxator P-Series Cut Cleanly, Easily

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Get a Grip on Directa Dental’s Luxator P-series

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Luxator P Series
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