Lynx Series

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The high-torque, low-speed handpiece is balanced to reduce hand and arm fatigue and fits all straight burs, doriot attachments, and disposable prophy heads. The Lynx Pro-5 has a fixed forward speed of 5000 rpm, and the Lynx TM5 Torque master models are adjustable in forward and reverse up to 5000 rpm. The Lynx line of high-speed handpieces from MTI includes the Lynx 333 (2- and 4-hole), Lynx 336 Push- Button (2- and 4-hole), and the Lynx 338 Fiber Optic Push-Button (4-hole). All models in this series have a streamlined, lightweight design and are balanced and comfortable to hold, reducing hand fatigue. These fully autoclavable handpieces are easy to use and operate with a low noise level. The cutting power of the Lynx 333 is enhanced by speeds up to 350,000 rpm. The Lynx 336 Push-Button and Lynx 338 Push- Button Fiber Optic have superior torque and cutting power at 400,000 rpm, have a clog-free multiport water spray system, and are vibration-free for precise cutting.

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Lynx Series
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