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"DentiSUITE fills a vital gap that's been missing in clinical practice. There are plenty of patient education tools, but this one elevates the game. As dentists, we know that explaining options to patients, making sure they understand them, and recording their choice of treatment isn't just good service: It's required for informed consent. It's hard enough in your own language. Trying to do it with non-English speaking patients is an entirely different challenge. 

Lexikeet used their experience in language and technology to build a tool that works with any language, even with English speakers. The app actually thinks like a dentist because it's been built by dentists on a proven platform. The way it quickly combines the clinical presentation in your chair with a few clicks and generates the best options for your specific scenario is almost uncanny. 

Need to go from English to Spanish? No problem. Want to include CAD-CAM options? No problem. Clear animations, simple explanations, and informed consent records make this indispensable even for my English-speaking patients. 

In 25 years of practice using many technological advancements, I've never seen anything like it. It's like having another staff member in your office for any scenario in any language. That means more treatment, better legal protection, and less stress." 

--Greg Grillo, D.D.S.

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