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Stomatotech develops systems to address implant integration and restoration challenges faced by dentists. 
Founded by Dr. Zvi Fudim D.D.S. and Mr. Ben Pinkas, the company aims to improve the success rates of dental implants, dental implant restorations, and to improve the quality of patient care and treatment.
Stomatotech has drawn upon its founders’ decades of experience and understanding of dental medicine and material properties to invent unique solutions that are game-changing within the industry. 
The company’s innovative technology offers dentists an easier, faster, more accurate and more cost effective way of completing procedures, regardless of the brand of implant being used. This pioneering approach to changing the way dentists work began in a small laboratory, without substantial funding. 
Today, our products are enabling dentists around the world to achieve utmost results. 
Based in Montreal, Stomatotech remains small, and it's founders are deeply involved in every aspect of the business, including R&D, product development, marketing and customer service.


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