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Concentrated denture cleaner will safely quickly effectively maintain the cleanliness of oral appliances. Removes difficult stains,...
Use as a dip or paint-on. Apply Satin Dip to study models and buff them with a soft cloth to an impressive, high satiny finish for...
Silhouette has a fine grain structure and high coefficient of thermal expansion that allows it to be fired on a wide range of alloys....
A high performance synthetic lubricant and separating agent designed for the needs of the dental industry. A light coating cures in...
Highly glazed, white porcelain jars used by denture technicians for mixing and holding acrylic monomer dough.
Fast curing liquid to solid in 3 minutes Neutral odor can be demolded in about 15 minutes Implant models 3 times stronger than stone
6" Plastic Droppers have a narrow taper with fine tip and feature a 5 ml capacity, graduated in 0.25 ml increments. They are perfect for...
Safe and asbestos free. Just a dab holds your assembly during soldering, welding, and firing. Place-It will not rob heat from joints,...
Safe and asbestos free. Holds your assembly during soldering, welding and firing. Place-It will not rob heat from joints, ensuring an...
For stone, plaster and epoxy Sprays on evenly and leaves no detectable film Nontoxic formula Saves time with a guaranteed release on...
Provides case container for disinfection, and complies with regulatory guidelines. Prevents cross contamination and interlinks office/lab...

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