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The Endea Endodontic Handpiece from A-dec is designed for treating root canals and features a speed reduction ratio of 4:1 and delivers...
The Endea WD-74M Endodontic Handpiece from A-dec features a powerful speed reduction ratio of 128:1 and reaches speeds up to 40,000 RPM.
Lightest handpiece system in the industry with our best swivel for reduced hand and wrist fatigue Patented Ring LED+ lighting around the...
Lightest handpiece system in the industry to reduce hand and wrist fatigue LED+ illuminates the entire arch with daylight quality light 4...
A-dec 500 stools for dentists and assistants feature a dynamic seating system with 4 unique zones that mold to the shape of the body,...
ADEC's Spray Cap High-Speeds is used for TA-96LM and TA-98LM.
ADEC's Spray Cap for TA-98LW and TA-96LW
ADEC's Spray Cap for Synea and Trend is for Synea and Trend low-speed attachments and any other E-coupling handpieces.
Spray Cap for Models 896RM, 898RM, TC 95RM from ADEC
Spray Cap for Models 896, 898LE, TA-98L by ADEC
3072 Wall Mounts, Self contained Water Cap Assembly from ADEC.
ADEC's Silicone Lubricant lubricates internal moving parts such as O-rings, oral evacuator valves, and bushings.