MARK3 Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride w/ TCP

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Product Description

MARK3 Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride w/ TCP is a fast and easy fluoride treatment that contains Tri-Calcium Phosphate which is known to help remineralize teeth.

• Treats dentin hypersensitivity
• Contains Tri-Calcium Phosphate to help remineralize teeth
• Dries to natural enamel color
• Contains Xylitol for caries prevention
• Fast and easy application


When Lindstrom tried Cargus International’s MARK3 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish for this DPS evaluation, she discovered that post-application feedback from patients “was overwhelmingly positive due to the caramel flavor and the consistency not being as bulky on the tooth surfaces.” Available in 3 pleasant flavors (spearmint, bubble gum, and caramel) to encourage patient acceptance, MARK3 with tricalcium phosphate (TCP) is formulated to prevent caries while promoting tooth remineralization. The resin-based formula also contains desensitizing pr...

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MARK3 Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride w/ TCP
Cargus International Inc.
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