MaxiGrip Stainless Steel Scalers

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Henry Schein’s MaxiGrip Stainless Steel scalers feature an ergonomic (9.5mm diameter) design for superb handling and tactile sensitivity. They weigh 18g and feature hollow medical-grade stainless steel handles. Their exclusive gripping channels provide a nonslip grip for maximal comfort, and the 440Astainless tips provide long-lasting quality. According to the manufacturer, the scalers have been field tested to ensure satisfaction.




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For the "Seasoned Hygienist"
Well, have to say, since 1970 instruments have become a commodity for "seasoned hygienists." Yes, we know how to hold them, adapt them, use them to their full capacities. One thing seemed to be getting better, as I became better, and that is the handle, weight, and the efficient sharpness of the blade. Let's fast forward to I continue to practice and still have a passion for the profession, these companies have provided us with ergonomic handles and less weighted instruments that allow us "seasoned hygienists" with all of our knowledge and experience to perform best for our patients....Bravo Henry Schein.
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MaxiGrip Stainless Steel Scalers
Henry Schein
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