Maxima LED Curing Light with Ramp-Up

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The lithiumion battery carries 10 seconds of curing over 300 cycles. Maxima has an ergonomic design, 1-touch functionality, and digital display. It also has a universal power supply and automatic cooling mechanism.




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Light failed just outside a year. Randomly beeping an eror code 79. And even when it did work, we had to recure resins multiple times. Junk. Don't waste your money.
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Versitile LED
Very good light. Light weight with good balance. Takes up very little space with charger. Recharges quickly with more than adequate capacity for VLC procedures. would like to see larger orange light and wider variety of curing tips. Adaptable, versatile for everyday use.
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Maxima LED Curing Light with Ramp-Up
Henry Schein
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