MediaMed - Complete Patient Education Solution

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The patient education videos combine 3D animation, multilingual voiceovers, and HD footage of actual dental treatments. The concise, easy-to-understand videos include risks, benefits, and alternatives and help to gently encourage patients to move forward with treatment.MediaMed offers 3 versions of its system to seamlessly integrate into any practice. First, MediaMed offers a program that dentist can integrate directly on the dentist’s website, so patients can access the material anytime, anywhere. The second version is software that can be installed on an existing PC network or individual PCs. MediaMed is also iPhone/iPad compatible. With MediaMed online, dentists can access MediaMed’s video presentations online and educate patients from home.The MediaMed system is ideally suited to aid in new patient exams. The educational pieces may also be played to remind returning patients of what to expect, for postoperative instructions, and as a part of necessary informed consent. -Jason Schwartz

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MediaMed - Complete Patient Education Solution
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