Medit i500

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With the new Intraoral scanner Identica i500 digital scanning is very precise, harmless with no radiation and more comfortable for the patient. It allows extremely precise and fast production of prosthetic products for dentists and dental laboratories.

Digital scanning with Medit i500 is used for the digital design of prosthetic products. By using such a progressive system it is possible to create the final product in only a few hours.




Early Adopters - Medit i500

EARLY ADOPTERS Medit i500     By combining value, efficiency, and productivity, the Medit i500 intraoral scanner makes it easy to enter the world of digital dentistry. Recently launched in the U.S., the high-quality yet affordable scanner is easy to incorporate into a dental practice’s workflow. With its impressive scanning speed and powderless system, the Medit i500 allows for a smoother scanning experience, shortening turnaround times and increasing productivity. Its lightweight design, small tip, single-button control, high-resolution color images, and 3D-in-motion video technology ensure comfort and convenience for the...

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Medit i500
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