Midmark Dentist's Stool

Product Description
Operator Stools are conceived to display superior styling and also yield remarkable comfort. Midmark’s stool line are manufactured to relieve musculoskeletal pain common in dentistry.
• Seating system offers a contoured seat with raised front to improve weight distribution and overall comfort, promoting a more balanced posture
• Comfort is also enhanced with waterfall front edges that reduce pressure on the back of the thighs
• Multiple seat sizes and seat heights, paired with unsurpassed adjustability, allow you to better personalize your seating solution
• Tilting the seat forward allows you to open the hip angle over 90 degrees, which helps to maintain the natural lower back curve and reduce disc pressure
• Contoured backrest comfortably supports the lower back, while the adjustable armrests help to support the elbows all in an effort to reduce fatigue in the lower back, neck and shoulders
• Optional armrests for the dentist’s stool offer support for elbows in the neutral shoulder position in an effort to reduce fatigue of the neck and shoulder muscles
• Arm pad adjustments include height, swivel and slide, optimizing positioning of the armrests to better accommodate your personal needs




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Midmark Dentist's Stool
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