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With Dentsply Sirona’s Midwest E Plus electric handpiece attachments, clinicians can perform a broad range of procedures with excellent power and flexibility. The complete range of attachments, 1:5 High Speed, 1:1 Low Speed, 6:1 Low Speed/Endo, and 1:1 Straight include fiber optics and water spray for optimal visibility and cooling. A single-piece titanium shell design reduces weight approximately 10% versus the previous generation, while also providing improved resistance to sterilization processes. Driving the Midwest E Plus handpiece attachments is the Midwest E motor. Weighing only 59 g and measuring only 1.259 in, it’s one of the smallest, lightest electric motors on the market, yet it delivers substantial, consistent power and torque.

With this motor, clinicians can efficiently handle even the toughest crown-and-bridge procedures and manage multi-unit cases faster. But because it is also whisper quiet, it can create a more relaxing, soothing environment for patients and staff alike. With the intuitive LCD color touchscreen controls, users can quickly view and select their customized speed settings for high-speed, lowspeed, and endodontic procedures, and quickly and easily switch between procedural settings with the one-touch presets. Along with adjusting the speed, torque limits, and light intensity, the touchscreen allows for seamless integration into existing treatment centers with a detachable faceplate and remote mounting kit.




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Great Handpiece
Hard worker, cuts without much effort and is very quiet.
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Midwest E Plus
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