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The MinerOss family of allografts is indicated for a variety of grafting applications, including ridge and sinus augmentation, socket grafting, periodontal defects, and grafting for implant placement. Three versions are available.MinerOss Cortical & Cancellous Chips, a mixture of cortical and cancellous chips, provides limited stability and space maintaining properties during bone remodeling. The unique blend forms an osteoconductive scaffold for volume enhancement and effective site development prior to implant placement. MinerOss Cancellous offers osteoconductive properties and fast remodeling time for rapid revascularization and predictable results. With a size range of 300 ?m to 1000 ?m, MinerOss Cancellous provides ideal handling characteristics for biologic procedures of all sizes. The newest member of the family, MinerOss Cortical, is particularly suited for procedures where structural integrity and long-lasting stability is needed for proper regeneration. MinerOss Cortical is available in 300 ?m to 1000 ?m for easy handling and fast hydration. All 3 allografts come in 0.5-, 1-, and 2.5-cc vials.




Tapping into the Science of Tapered Implants

I n cases of tooth extraction followed by immediate placement, a tapered dental implant is often a clinician’s best bet. The endosseous part of the implant narrows in diameter toward the apex, simulating the shape of the original tooth root for greater implant stability and improved overall esthetics....

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MinerOss Family
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