Moisyn Rinse

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Prisyna® – the oral wellness company – has developed a new class of advanced oral health products based on our innovative and patented chitosan and arginine chemistry. Our vision is to provide a family of effective, naturally derived,  and proven products that promote a healthy, happy mouth. Our newest product, Moisyn®, is clinically proven to soothe the symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth), using advanced lubricants to hydrate and soothe dry, irritated oral surfaces, while experiencing a cleaner, fresher oral environment.

Our daily oral rinses, Synedent FLX (with fluoride) and Synedent (without fluoride) also utilize our unique chemistry to provide a cleansing, fresh mouth sensation without the discomfort and burning caused by harsh chemicals or alcohol. All of our rinse products are scientifically formulated at a neutral pH and will not harm enamel or irritate sensitive mouth conditions. Available at or on

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Moisyn Rinse
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