Mouth Book Slide Show

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In classic ViewMaster style format, 'The Gross, Disgusting and Totally Cool Mouth Book Slide Show' from Practicon makes the images from the popular book by Dr. Theodore Croll come alive with every pull of the lever.

Ideal for educating children, parents, care providers and adult patients, the 2-reel set presents 14 of the most convincing oral photos from the book in a fun, unforgettable slide show. Floating, 3-D captions explain each photo in understandable terms for the youngest dental patients.




Give Your Patients Something to Smile About!

Believe it or not, my kids have always loved going to the dentist.  I suspect it has something to do with the fabulous prize they get to choose at the end of the appointment. Before her last dentist appointment, my daughter actually told me “I can’t wait to go to the dentist!”  I had to feel her forehead to make sure she wasn’t running a fever.   When faced with an unpleasant experience, people often joke that “this is about as much fun as having a tooth pulled.” Here are some ideas on how you can...

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Mouth Book Slide Show
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