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MPa Maximum Performance Adhesive from Clinician’s Choice has an ideal consistency, applies easily, and deeply penetrates the dentin tubules to form a consistent hybrid layer. Providing consistent results and long-term retention, at a fraction of the cost of other adhesives, MPa Maximum Performance Adhesive eliminates postoperative sensitivity, while providing unrivalled bond strength to both light- and self-cure composite.

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Not sure how this stacks up
After attending Dr. Bertolotti's lecture at the Anaheim Scientific Session in April 2013. I am wondering if I need to change my bonding agent to Prelude from Danville. I have experienced problems with weak bond strength with MPa, especially if I put a drop in an orange shielded 3M composite tri-well, do one composite and then come back to do a second one. It seems like it does better if I shake the bottle and dispense the bonding agent just before placement of composite. Reasonably priced compared to competitors; studies seem to support its use. I still wish Clinician's Choice would improve the bottle design. The cover seems to 'bottom out' and then spin instead of sealing tightly, and the bottle seems top-heavy/unstable so that it falls over.
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