Multilink Automix Next Generation

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Further developments to the system include a new shade, try-in pastes and room temperature storage. The strength of this clinically-proven universal cementation system lies in its ability to generate high bond strength to ensure the long-lasting adhesion of all types of restorative materials and tooth structure.

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Multilink is very easy to use. It comes out of the tip ready to use and when you place the light by the margins for a couple of seconds the excess peels off very easily. Then hold it down for about 2 minutes and you are good to go. If you follow all the instructions you have a very strong bond. When we bond crowns to the teeth and light will not penetrate the restoration we always use MultiLink
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Great bond strength. Longer working time with new formulation.
I use this cement for all of my all porcelain restorations. I know I can rely on the bond strength of Multilink even when the preparation is not retentive. I am a CEREC doctor and use Multilink for all my CEREC restorations. I like the new formulation with the extended working time before it starts to set. Multilink is easy to use. I'm confident that any restoration placed with Multilink is not going to come off.
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Multilink Automix Next Generation
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