MyPerioPath with "MyPerioProgress" Section

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OralDNA Labs recently enhanced its MyPerioPath patient lab report with the addition of an expanded section called 'MyPerioProgress.' The MyPerioProgress section is a new, third page that is automatically generated for patients who have taken the MyPerioPath test more than once.

It provides a series of graphs that enable dental clinicians to compare current MyPerioPath test results with previous results. This comparison can provide insight into the progress of the patient's current course of periodontal disease treatment. By monitoring these findings, 'MyPerioProgress' will be an added resource to help dental clinicians assess if their patients are trending towards health or continued disease.




Autism: Could spit be the answer to a definitive biological diagnosis?

  Currently, the only way children are identified as being on the autism spectrum is through behavioral documentation and reporting. There is no medical test that confirms diagnosis. Salivary diagnostics, however, may hold promise in this arena, as it has for many other screening capabilities discovered in the past few years. Analyzing saliva samples, researchers found 9 distinct proteins were significantly heightened in kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and 3 other proteins were either absent or present in low levels, according to study results published in a recent issue of ...

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MyPerioPath with "MyPerioProgress" Section
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