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With a 14-bit CMOS sensor capable of more than 16,000 grey shades, Zen-X is capable of exceptional image detail.  

Zen-X features an integrated fiber optic plate between the caesium iodide scintillator that, in combination with the CMOS digital receptor, preserves image resolution and protects the sensor from direct X-ray penetration. The USB 2.0 interface delivers fast transfer times between exposure and on-screen display.

Designed for maximum patient comfort, the thin, 3-layer sensor features rounded corners and chamfered edges. In addition, this innovative sensor comes in sizes 1 and 2 for a comfortable fit for any exam. Zen-X also sports a hardened outer casing, a reinforced rear-mounted cable attachment, and a completely liquid-proof casing for long-lasting durability.

Since the Zen-X sensor does not require a large, bulky power supply, the pocket-sized control box can be taken from operatory to operatory with ease. Zen-X comes with MyRay's complimentary imaging software RayMage. It is also compatible with existing imaging software via TWAIN interface.

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