Nano 95LS

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Product Description

The Nano 95LS handpiece from NSK offers the same performance and durability standards as the Ti-Max Z series, but is 10% smaller and lighter than conventional angles, allowing for delicate and precise movement. The Nano 95LS is a 1:5 increasing handpiece, with a titanium body, cellular glass optics, and a Dura Grip Coating. It has a quattro spray, with a maximum speed of 200,000 min-1, for FG burs. It has an anti-heating system in the head cap and a clear head system. The Nano 95LS is powered by an air motor or electric micromotor for general use in dentistry. The device is intended for cutting and grinding teeth, cavity preparations, tooth and crown preparations, finishing and trimming teeth and filling materials, and removal of crowns and filling materials.
Key Features:
•Lighter and smaller than conventional angles
•Delicate and precise movement
•Anti-heat system


NSK designed its new nano series electric attachment to be 10% smaller and lighter than conventional handpieces, which is especially beneficial for clinicians with small hands who want to enjoy the constant speed, versatility, and quiet operation of electric handpieces without the added weight. Dr. Irwin and several other dentists tested the nano95LS electric handpiece in their practices for several weeks and shared their thoughts with DPS .

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Nano 95LS
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