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Microcopy’s NeoShine are mini single-patient-use polishers that use an ID system to organize composite, zirconia, and metal polishers by materials and steps. Satin polishers remove striations for a satisfactory shine in the posterior, while High-Gloss polishers create superior mirror-like luster. These sterile mini polishers offer an ideal fit into pits, fissures, and tooth anatomy. Flexible discs also are available to polish composite, metal, and porcelain materials.


The NeoShine line includes polishers for composite, metal, and zirconia, but this evaluation focused only on the zirconia polishing system. Zirconia restorations can be difficult for a dentist to adjust, especially when diamond burs leave striations in the previously glossy surface. “It’s frustrating when a zirconia crown requires adjustment after placement because the final surface texture is never the same,” explained Dr. Michael LaMarche. To ease these frustrations, Microcopy devised a sterile, single-use, two-step zirconia polishing sys...

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A High-Quality, Single-Use Bur That’s Not Too Good to be True

Through its passion for single-patient-use products, Microcopy ensures that every bur in its NeoDiamond product line—regardless of...

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Debunking Single-Patient-Use Fallacies

Single-use dental products have skyrocketed in demand after COVID-19 and the amplification of infection control protocols—and yet...

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Speed Up Your Polishing Game with a Simple, Two-Step System

Perhaps now more than ever, single-patient-use products like burs and polishers are a good choice to help...

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