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NeutraSal Oral Rinse Eliminates Dry Mouth Symptoms 

NeutraSal® is a prescription strength oral rinse for xerostomia that helps improve a range of symptoms.

This dry mouth oral rinse features a supersaturated calcium phosphate formulation that mimics saliva to help repair and protect oral tissues, restore healthy oral pH balance, and reduce S.mutans bacteria levels to help prevent dental caries.

NeutraSal® has demonstrated efficacy in helping mend painful, inflamed epithelial tissues, addressing demineralization to help maintain healthy tooth structure, and relieving discomfort associated with inflammation of the mucosa.

NeutraSal® is easy for patients to use 2 to 10 times a day, as needed, with single-use packets that dissolve in water. This dry mouth oral rinse is nonsystemic with no anticipated adverse effects and no known interactions with medicinal or other products.

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