New Fiber Post and New Fiber Flange

Product Description

Fiber Post Offers High Retention Without Bonding

The head of the post and flange is highly compatible with Ti-Core Core Material.

In keeping with their tradition of superior, clinically tested products that are proven safe and reliable under function, Essential Dental Systems has created 2 new products: Flexi-Post Fiber and Flexi- Flange Fiber.

These are the only fiber posts to provide superior retention and stability without requiring the use of a bonding agent, providing the dentist with an easy technique and shortened chair time. Based on the original Flexi-Post and Flexi-Flange, the system includes a patented split-tap which closes on insertion to deliver maximum retention with minimal stress. Both the new post and flange are designed with serrated heads that permit greater retention of core material.

The Second Tier and Flange increases the intimacy of fit between the post and the natural point at which the canal widens. This reduces destructive long lever arms and increases the stability of the post by preventing the breakdown of cement, greatly enhancing long-term retention.

Both post systems have a vent to release internal hydrostatic pressure on cementation. A unique threaded design allows for greater retention than passive fiber posts, without the need for a bonding agent. Their multiple tiers distribute functional stresses to the strongest part of the root, providing resistance to post loosening and fracture. 'Jason Schwartz

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New Fiber Post and New Fiber Flange
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