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ACTEON’s PURE NEWTRON ultrasonic scalers features the Cruise Control System, which adjusts the delivery of ultrasonic power based on the resistance encountered by the tip. This technology generates exceptional power for the clinician and provides painless treatment for the patient. The LED-lit, color-coded power dial makes power selection simple, while the ergonomically designed NEWTRON SLIM B.LED handpiece is comfortable for the clinician and enhances accessibility in any patient’s mouth. At the same time, the handpiece produces bright LED light for better visibility. In addition, the Newtron P5XS is available with or without independent irrigation tanks for the delivery of different solutions. Compatible with more than 80 tips, each NEWTRON P5XS is indicated for scaling, periodontics, endodontics, and restorative procedures.


The Cruise Control System of the Newtron B.LED and B.LED XS produces unparalleled power and efficiency, while reducing clinician fatigue and maximizing patient comfort.   “I have used many ultrasonic/sonic devices in my 26 years of practice and have never truly fallen in love with a machine like I have with this one,” a North Dakota hygienist said of the Newtron B.LED and B.LED XS . “I know a lot about machines, and this one has nailed it with the combination of gentleness, thoroughness, and efficiency.&rdquo...

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Case Study

Case Study

Case Study: Full Mouth Scaling and Root Planing Virtually Pain Free

  A 19-year-old female presented to my practice in excellent overall health. However, she had not been to a dentist in over 5 years and was concerned about her upper central incisor being mobile and super-erupted. She requested a general checkup and examination. We performed a full medical history and conducted an oral exam. Using the X-Mind Unity with Sopix inside (ACTEON), we took a full mouth series of images. In addition, we took intraoral images using the SOPROCARE (ACTEON) in Normal, Caries, and Perio Mode. We then performed a periodontal exam using a traditional periodontal probe, followed by...

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Pure Newtron

PURE NEWTRON Revolutionizes Ultrasonic Scalers ACTEON North America is proud to announce PURE Newtron by Satelec - See more at:

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