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NEXT prophy paste features a fresh, nonsplatter formula in appropriate grits.
NEXT has excellent stain removal, superior polishing properties, and is available in mint, cherry, wintergreen, chocolate mint, bubble gum, vanilla, watermelon, cinnamon, tropical fruit, grape, and spearmint.

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Great prophy paste
I get this when it is on special. I think it has some tasty flavors, and it doesn't splatter too much. The patients seem to like it and it gives that extra little sparkle at the end of the prophy. It gets an A in my book.
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Somewhat dry
The paste is okay. It seems to be somewhat dry and doesn't stay on the teeth well.
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Next Prophy paste
I like this product very much. There is little to no splatter. The consistency of the past is smooth and attaches to prophy cup and tooth well. Rinses easily without residue.
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