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Mix and Match

The Onset Mixing Pen by Onpharma

The Onset Mixing Pen is a compounding and dispensing device for mixing 2 solutions together prior to injection.

The nickel-plated aluminum Onset Mixing Pen delivers increased durability and a design that integrates seamlessly with the other instruments in the dental operatory.

Once a 1.8-mL local anesthetic cartridge of lidocaine with epinephrine is connected to the Onset Mixing Pen, the convenient volume dispensing dial can be adjusted to transfer the desired amount of Sodium Bicarbonate Solution from the pen to the anesthetic cartridge. For example, to dispense 0.18 mL of fluid, the dial would be turned to "18."

Onpharma's products, including the pen shown above, provide the dental professional with the ability to buffer the pH of lidocaine with epinephrine right in the anesthetic cartridge itself, just before the cartridge is loaded into the syringe and the injection is given. By buffering the anesthetic toward physiologic pH just prior to injection, the injection is more comfortable for the patient.  -Bob Alaburda


Case Study

Case Study

Application of Injection Overmolding Process to Restore Fractured Tooth

A 96-year-old male patient presented for repair of a broken tooth on his upper removable partial denture (Figure 1). On examination, we determined that he had not broken a tooth off his appliance, but had instead broken one of his natural teeth, tooth No. 7 (Figure 2). He stated he was eating when it broke off. We discussed the possible treatment options, which included removal of the tooth and adding to the existing appliance. Other options included rebuilding the tooth structure, and of course, no treatment at all. The patient asked if it were possible to restore the tooth, and...

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Onset Mixing Pen
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