Spark Cordless Headlight

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Product Description

Integrating with virtually any loupe or eyewear frame model, Spark™ is our innovative cordless headlight. The unique design dispenses weight evenly across the bridge of the frame, minimizing pressure on the clinician's nose.

When co-axially mounted to one's loupes, the Spark reduces shadowing in the operating area.


The cordless headlight co-axially mounts to most loupes and reduces shadowing in the operating area.. Here are 2 common facts about dentistry: Teeth shift and so do patients during procedures. Dr. Cynthia Leung of Hoboken, NJ, found she always had to adjust the overhead light during her procedures. “It is always time-consuming to have to reposition,” she said. “Safety issues come up when we are turned away from the field even for a second.” During her trial of Spark, a cordless headlight from Orascoptic, Dr. Leung experienced a...

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Spark Cordless Headlight
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