Oravital Oral Health System

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Oravital introduces its proprietary Oravital Oral Health System to the U.S. professional dental market. The Oravital System is a 5-step system based on identifying the cause of oral infection through microbial analysis and tests for bleeding gums before scaling. After diagnosis, treatment includes a customized antibiotic mouthwash used for a 2-week period, accompanied by proper home oral care using additional, specific Oravital products that are recommended based on the patient’s individual condition.


Oravital periodontal and breath odor diagnosis and treatment system predictably controls gingival bleeding and breath odors. Oral infections causing periodontal disease and halitosis are notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, with 75% of the population continuing to have signs of periodontal disease despite their clinicians’ best efforts. Effective diagnosis and treatment is essential not only for quality of life, but also because of the link between oral infections and serious systemic conditions. A group of dentists and h...

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Oravital Oral Health System
Oravital Inc.
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