OS Discs/OS30 Handpiece

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The OS (oscillating segment) Discs are the first of their kind in the dental industry and are safe and efficient for interproximal enamel reduction. The design of the OS Discs allows access into tight spaces while allowing enough vision for the user without the need of a disc guard. The OS Discs are designed to be used in the oscillating KOMET electric handpiece OS30. When using the micro-motor at full capacity, an effective performance of 5000 oscillations per minute is reached. When using the OS30 with an air motor, an effective performance of 2500 oscillations per minutes can be reached. KOMET USA developed 15 different OS Discs to be used with the OS30 handpiece—9 with fine-grit diamonds and 6 with mediumgrit diamonds. Out of the 15 OS Discs, 8 are 1-sided, 7 are 2-sided, and they are available in various thicknesses (0.13 mm to 0.45 mm). —Jason Schwartz

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OS Discs/OS30 Handpiece
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