RAMVAC Osprey™ Compressors

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The quiet design of the RAMVAC Osprey compressor from DentalEZ Integrated Solutions, provides clean, dry, oil-free air in even the busiest dental office environment. With high quality air at a maximum pressure of 115 psi, the Osprey compressor operates at 100% duty cycle during peak operation times. According to the manufacturer, the rocking piston design technology provides quiet operation while delivering industry-best peak airflow.

Osprey compressors are available in either Basic or Smart control platforms. The Basic control platform uses a traditional pressure switch and contactor arrangement to control the cycling of the compressor heads. Basic controls are equipped with switches to isolate or turn off individual heads and hour meters. The Smart control platform uses a more modern digital technology, with a pressure transducer and solid state relays to control cycling. Smart controls also feature head isolation, current sensing, maintenance reminders, fault notifications, and average drain and recharge times. This gives users easy access to vital information.

The dual-column desiccant dryer provides 100% continuous supply of dry, clean, free air—while 1 column is drying, the other is in operation. In addition, desiccant cartridges are replaced in-office for maximum convenience.




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RAMVAC Osprey™ Compressors
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