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Patients can now complete forms at home or in the dental office on a touch screen monitor, desktop computer or even a tablet PC for a faster check-in process and a better overall patient experience. Adding a Dentrix-integrated kiosk to a practice’s reception area lets patients fill out forms electronically, importing the information directly into Dentrix in seconds, without any manual entry by the office staff.

Receiving patient data electronically helps expedite the appointment process, allowing treatment to begin faster and keeping appointments on schedule. The patient kiosk also helps eliminate data entry errors, reducing the number of rejected insurance claims and helping practices maintain better contact with patients. Staff members can review information before accepting it into Dentrix, so practices still control the information going into patient files.

The patient kiosk is sold as software only or with a turnkey hardware solution. Desktop and stand-alone versions are available, both with touch-screen capabilities.




EServices Website Manager & Patient Kiosk

The Website Manager is a valuable tool for a practice because it streamlines the appointment process. Your patients are searching the Internet for your dental website. Give them what they’re looking for. Now more than ever patients are relying on the Internet for help in making buying decisions, scheduling appointments and paying bills. If you don’t have a website or if your website doesn’t have useful functionality, your patients’ needs are not being met. With Dentrix Website Manager™, you can give your patients the means to securely access personal information online. In doing so, you reduce the number of phone...

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Patient Kiosk for eCentral Website Manager
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