Patterson® Film Mount Charts - EZ-View Masked X-ray Mounts, Black - 21-0123

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With Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System, denture fabrication is simplified, since the lost wax technique is no longer required and there is no need for investing, flasking and boiling out. Instead of using wax, dentures are directly built up with three layers of Eclipse resin (Base Plate, Setup and Contour Resin). The cured resins show outstanding aesthetics and exhibit good mechanical properties. Kit contains: Eclipse processing unit with lamps and filters, Dentsply conditioning oven with heat-resistant gloves, Eclipse bonding agent kit with hotplate, Dentsply wax pencil pro, hot air gun, melting pot, 12-pack boxes of resins, shade guides 10, tooth cage and miscellaneous accessories




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Patterson® Film Mount Charts - EZ-View Masked X-ray Mounts, Black - 21-0123
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