Pinpoint! Endodontic Apex Locator

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This is vital for achieving excellent results and helps avoid apical perforation or over-instrumentation of the canal, and limits over-extension of obturation material or under-preparation of the root canal space with inadequate obturation. The Pinpoint! apex locator by MTI Dental accurately determines the apical foramen that is not visible on a radiograph. This clinically- proven device incorporates digital signal processing technology to read the root canal space in three dimensions. Measuring in 0.25- mm increments, the device makes root canal treatment much simpler and enables clinical success. The Pinpoint! apex locator pays for itself very quickly by saving time, avoiding unnecessary x-rays, and limiting retreatments that are costly to practices and aggravating to patients. —Jason Schwartz

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Pinpoint! Endodontic Apex Locator
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