Pivot Disposable Prophy Angles

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Preventech Pivot disposable prophy angles run smoothly and quietly. They are available in natural rubber and non-latex cups (Pivot NL), as well as tapered brushes. Pivot NL cups are softer, more elastic, and more like natural rubber.
Better elasticity allows the cup to reach deeper interproximally and splay into the sulcus more easily. Pivot cups maintain concentricity, reducing splatter and providing a more predictable polishing edge.

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Is there a portable, about 5 2/2" long and battery operated? I bought one years ago and cannot find anywhere 602-263-8046
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Pivot angles
We buy in the large bulk box. Most of the angles work great, maybe 1 in a box of 500 is a dud. Reliable angle to work the same way everytime.
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Pivot prophy angle
This prophy angle is the best one I've used in my 21 years as a Hygienist. When using the angle it is quiet and smooth. Some.angles skip but not this one and it is very rare to find a defective one. I have used the brush before and it ran fine also. This is a very good product and I am very satisfied with the quality of it.
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Pivot Disposable Prophy Angles
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