DEXIS Platinum Intraoral Sensor

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DEXIS Platinum's direct USB digital technology maximizes portability for use in multiple operatories and in field work. With image capture and processing electronics integrated fully into the sensor itself, DEXIS Platinum maximizes the imaging area while enabling direct connection to the computer, eliminating the need for adaptors, controllers, and docking stations. Durability is optimized with the first-ever gold plating on the sensor connector.


PureImageTM technology and large radiograph display give both clinicians and patients the ability to see diagnostically crucial subtleties with a high degree of clarity and detail. The caesium iodide scintillator converts the X-ray beam into visible light and guides it through its microcolumnar structures. Next, fiberoptics precisely and efficiently transmit that light to the high-resolution CMOS sensor surface, providing more than 20 visible line pairs for remarkably clear images with virtually no visual noise. The smallest details are brought out by virtue of an exclusive architecture that maximizes active area at the pixel level, and subtle variations in densities are made visible by a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter that generates 16,000 shades of gray.

According to the manufacturer, DEXIS Platinum's enhanced quantum efficiency makes it highly receptive when capturing images across a dynamic range of radiation settings, providing the ability to reduce the number of needed retakes related to under- and over-exposure while ultimately lowering radiation dosages. At 2.2 megapixels, images can be displayed at 'ultra-large sizes' (to 1692 x 1324 pixels), providing zoom-in capabilities without sacrificing image quality.


The DEXIS software, described by the manufacturer as intuitive and easy to use, automatically saves, dates, toothnumbers, and correctly orients the image when the sensor detects radiation'and all without having to return to the keyboard. According to DEXIS, a 25-minute FMX procedure can be reduced to 5 minutes with the 'One-Click Full-Mouth Series.'

The software serves as an imaging hub that manages all digital images'including intra- and extra-oral radiographs and photographs'which are easily and quickly organized, stored, retrieved, printed, and shared with both patients and colleagues. The magnification feature and a comprehensive set of image enhancement tools facilitate identification of apical and carious lesions, open margins, bone loss, and furcation involvement. DEXIS is designed to integrate seamlessly with all major practice management systems and to allow the clinician to preview thumbnails and clinically relevant full-screen images in the charting program.

Hardware and software work in harmony to compensate for radiation variances, guard against under- and over-exposure, and produce optimal and consistent images whether the generator being used is state-of-the-art or an older model. Each image acquired using DEXIS software includes a radiationdose indicator, which provides visual feedback and a benchmark for use when increasing or decreasing radiation dosage.


The PerfectSizeTM sensor gives clinicians the ability to take vertical bitewings, horizontal bitewings, and all periapicals with a single sensor, eliminating both the cost and inconvenience of using multiple sensors of differing sizes. By enhancing DEXIS's already highly ergonomic sensor housing, 'TrueComfort' design optimizes both ease of use and patient comfort. Refined curvatures and a smooth, rounded casing ensure that there are no sharp edges to rub against the palate or soft tissue, and a smaller angled dome facilitates precise placement in posterior regions.

The DEXIS Platinum system includes:

' High-performance CMOS sensor with direct USB connection

' Intuitive DEXIS software with interactive manual

' Holders and accessories

' Printed DEXIS manuals

' On-site training and training CDs

' 1 year of DEXcare




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DEXIS Platinum Intraoral Sensor
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