PolyShoK Colored Mouthguard Materials

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PolyShoK Colored Mouthguard Materials from Buffalo Dental Mfg Co Inc. are high quality 5" x 5" pure grade resin sheets for creating a wide range of vacuum formed appliances and trays. This material allows the creation of high-impact sports mouthguards that absorb 150% more energy than standard EVA mouthguards, resulting in less destructive forces being transferred to dental structures, fewer oral-fascial injuries, and less concussions. The thin 0.125" sheets are for use in a double-lamination technique for the creation of professional-quality athletic mouthguards that exceed 3 mm minimal interocclusal thickness recommendation for high-impact sports. The thicker 0.155" sheets are used in single step vacuum forming procedure for the creation of 12 professional-quality athletic mouthguards. PolyShoK and EVA sheets are laminated together for build-up of custom mouthguards.

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PolyShoK Colored Mouthguard Materials
Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co., Inc.
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