POPWHITE Whitening Primer and Toner

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POPWHITE Whitening Primer is a multi-benefit toothpaste that whitens, brightens, polishes, and cleans teeth while freshening breath with peppermint oil and reducing plaque and tartar. The Primer preps the teeth for POPWHITE Whitening Toner, a multi-benefit oral rinse that enhances dental whitening and brightening, adds sheen, deeply freshens breath with peppermint oil, and reduces plaque and tartar. The Primer and Toner Power Duo should be used together, twice a day, every day. POPWHITE’s color formulas are FDA-approved and the products are dentist recommended. The Primer and Toner are further enhanced by Xylitol and Coconut Oil—multi-tasking powerhouses that protect dental enamel and promote glossy, bright teeth.

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POPWHITE Whitening Primer and Toner
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