PowerVac G

Product Description
The intelligent dry vacuum, Midmark PowerVac® G, uses an intuitive energy management system that creates a new standard for all dental vacuums by offering:
• Efficient energy control – uses up to 83% less electricity than competitive systems
• Significant heat reduction – reduces heat emissions by up to 30%
• Whisper quiet operation – as low as 48 dBA
• Consistent performance – up to 18" Hg
• Upgradable flexibility – can accommodate 1–20 users
• Unmatched, product warranty – 5-year/10,000 hour full product; 10-year/20,000 hour pump warranty




Making Choices

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Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Mechanical Room Equipment: The Heart And Lungs Of The Dental Practice

This prospecting guide is designed to help you identify air compressor and vacuum replacement product opportunities. Review the guide to help you understand the unique needs of the dental practice when it comes to mechanical room equipment and how you can position yourself as a business partner and increase your...

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PowerVac® G Dry Vacuum Spec Sheet

The Midmark PowerVac® G provides on-demand energy management that creates a new standard for dental vacuums. Other vacuums operate at full force regardless of demand. The PowerVac G automatically increases the pump speed to match demand, giving you exactly the vacuum you need, no more and no less...

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PowerVac G
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