Preciso M500 Mill

Product Description
The Preciso M500 is a 5-axis industrial mill specifically designed for dental labs providing increased productivity and access to innovative materials from 3M ESPE, including Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia and Lava Ultimate Restorative, as well as Jensen Digital Consumables. The machine's smart, 5-axis milling can be used for full contouring, undercuts, and other complex restorations.The M500's frame hopper allows for up to 21 frames with as many as 10 units per frame to be loaded and unloaded without interrupting the milling process.

Product Features:
• Eliminates the need for spring retainers
• Easy-view window with adjacent touch screen control center
• 5-Axis milling automation
• Run time capability of 76 hours straight
• Reliable and precise milling to increase productivity

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Preciso M500 Mill
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