Premium Dispersed Phase Amalgam

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Premium Dispersed Phase Amalgam by DMG-America is a long-lasting, condensable alloy that provides superior handling characteristics and high compressive strength. The self-activating capsule contains a pre-measured container of mercury that activates and mixes with the pre-measured quantity of amalgam alloy. It requires no pinching or twisting of the capsule to open and provides 1-step trituration without an activator tool. It is a condensable alloy that guarantees good marginal integrity, while eliminating open contacts. The virtual elimination of Gamma II, results in longer-lasting and corrosion resistant restorations. The capsules are color-coded to make it easier to identify between types and spills. This capsule system is used only in a high energy amalgamator. It is available in regular and fast-setting formulas.

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Premium Dispersed Phase Amalgam
DMG America
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