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PreVu is an easy-to-use treatment simulation software that increases case acceptance, especially for treatment plans that require an out-of-pocket payment. PreVu provides patients with a vision of their treatment outcome, and a personalized practice-branded visual aid to share that will increase word-of-mouth referrals. PreVu can be used to simulate procedures, including whitening, orthodontics, gingival grafting and recontouring, cosmetic bonding, bridges and implants, posterior restorations, Botox, and lip augmentation, as well as a full-mouth smile makeover. Practice before purchasing by downloading a free demo version. Unlimited-use packages are also available as monthly, cancel-anytime subscriptions.




PreVu Software: A PreVu to Greater Case Acceptance

Create quick and easy treatment simulations that get patients emotionally invested in accepting high-value cosmetic treatment with PreVu....

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PreVu is a great communication and motivation tool.
I found PreVu to be extremely easy to learn and user friendly. Importing the pt. picture is very easy and the software guides you in a step by step manner that makes it fool proof. The simulations be printed and emailed to the patient. This provides the patient with a picture and an idea of how they can look once treatment is complete. PreVu gets pts. engaged and motivated about treatment like no other tool I have ever used before. I would highly recommend PreVu.
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PreVu a must have.
We have used numerous methods to show patients what their smile potential could be, and PreVu is simply the most effective. Within minutes my team is able to take a simple SLR photo, put it into PreVu and show the patient what they would look like with their dental smile concerns corrected. From several teeth to full mouth, a before and after can be quickly shown to the patient while they are still in your office. Customer support is also five star.
from Baldwinsville, NY,  
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Great Software
PREVU IS THE BEST TOOL TO INCREASE CASE ACCEPTANCE Our office has been using PreVu for about a year and it’s been a great motivator for patient’s to accept treatment, especially for our Invisalign cases. PreVu is very easy to use and customer support has been great at making sure that we are creating natural looking simulations for the patient. Well worth the low monthly fee! I highly recommend any office that wants to increase their cosmetic and ortho case acceptance use PreVu.
from Orangeburg NY ,  
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Easy, great results
I have used other, more complicated imaging software in the past and PreVu has so far been the best! It's easy and provides a great result. It's a nice way to show your patients what a smile makeover can look like.
from Juno Beach,  
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Prevu dental
We have this software at the office which every tool is easy to use. We are able to create a full smile makeover in under 2 minutes! Which is helpful in a fast pace office with an average of 10 new patients a day. The blending tool does help to create a less sticker-like smile.
from Chula Vista,  
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PreVu Dental Software
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