Prime&Bond Elect

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Product Description
Using proven chemistry, Prime&Bond Elect provides clinicians with versatility and ease of use.

• Virtually no sensitivity
• Low film thickness
• Choice of bonding technique
• Consistent, high bond strength
• Built on the proven chemist of Prime & Bond® NT™ Dental Adhesive System


DENTSPLY Caulk Prime&Bond Elect Universal Dental Adhesive Using proven chemistry, Prime&Bond Elect provides clinicians with versatility and ease of use. This product performed exceptionally well,? said a dentist from Fayetteville, AR, who participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of DENTSPLY Caulk?s Prime&Bond Elect universal dental adhesive. This same evaluator said he would definitely recommend the product to his colleagues and purchase it in the future. Thirteen dentists participated in this eva...

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Great Bond
I tried this out based on a colleagues recommendation. I had been using Brush and Bond prior to this as a desensitizer and as a bond under my buildups. I still love Brush and Bond but this is easier to use and results have been comparable. I chose to order this instead of Brush and Bond and lucky for me, it was on promotional special Yeah for me
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Prime&Bond Elect
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