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Does Roth Eugenol USP 60cc have a manufacturer's expiration date? We have a new bottle. Once it is opened, does it have an earlier expiration date? This would be used on multiple different patients. I work in Infection Control UnPublished
If using this product for scaling and root planing, what is the maximum amount you can use per patient? RE: Oraqix is 5 carpules UnPublished
Is the Discovery 360 discontinued? UnPublished
is this camera supported by Windows 10? UnPublished
Does your Danville tin plater include the Micro-Tin solution? Thanks! Herb Egert UnPublished
Is the NSK air polisher compatible with any prophylaxis powder? for example AIR n GO? UnPublished
How long do this implant last? Can it fracture? UnPublished
Is this product (Reach clean paste) available UnPublished
Is this portable with a battery pack? Does it need to be plugged in? Published
What is the cost of Silent Night by Glidewell Laboratories? UnPublished
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