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How do I purchase this item? UnPublished
hello can I ask the price of whipmix veribuild 79200 3D printer UnPublished
what is the cost for level 3 masks per box UnPublished
I also have a account with patterson but its at the office & I don't have the # Im at home the office address is lesia Batorfalvy, 14 north main st. Florida New York,10921 UnPublished
how much are the monarch wipes #88494-2 UnPublished
Made in USA or China? UnPublished
i need the measuring cable and the clip (Not the hook) for raypex 4 UnPublished
1.what is the price of the scanner, the CAD/CAM, the printer and the freight. 2. can I use the scanner as an educational tool to the patients UnPublished
imprESSIX Alginate Extra Fast Set....what do you recommend to be used to spray on impressions with the fast set to kill germs? UnPublished
Is this for use in a single dental operatory or one is enough for the entire office that is 1,000 Sq. Ft.? UnPublished
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