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Dear friends, I am a dentist from Adelaide, Australia & have been looking for this Uni-Bite Film Holder & I found it on your site The SKU# 540400 (for 6x) and SKU# 5404001 (for 1x). Do you have it in stock and how can i purchase them. I need probably 10-12 Holders. Looking forward to your reply. Kindest regards Dr Paul Toumazos UnPublished
A dental supply company told me that this product has been discontinued. Is this true? If machine is no longer available, can I still get parts? UnPublished
When will oravive be re-released? Which of your products contain novation? Thank you. UnPublished
what is the list price for this unit with computer? UnPublished
How can i verify the product i purchased is a genuine pacDent astmlevel2 mask? UnPublished
should dual cure cement be refrigerated until just before use in order to slow down setting time UnPublished
please explain recommendations for storing in refrigerator and then room temperature before use I have noticed sometimes Natural Elegance sets very quickly barely enough time to clear excess and especially when you need to cement a bridge or multiple crowns thus far I have not refrigerated is that just for long term storage or would that help provide longer working time? UnPublished
please call me for pricing or email UnPublished
where is the box to order this product? UnPublished
How do I buy insta-FRESH dental appliance cleaner? UnPublished
how many superfloss come in a box? UnPublished
I am looking to use my new Ministar S at home to do lab work. Can I use a small electric air compressor to supply it, and what are the specs of one I should look for? UnPublished
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