Profin PDX

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The limited motion of the tip allows the handpiece to avoid heat buildup, so no water cooling is necessary. The handpiece features a “self-steering” mode that allows the tip to move freely for easy polishing and cleaning, as well as a “fixed” mode that locks the tip in place for greater control. The Profin PDX comes with a set of Lamineer and EVA tips, packaged in a color-coded stand for quick and easy identification. The blade shaped tips are thin for optimal access, diamond coated on one side for safety, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and grits to meet any clinical need. Plastic and wooden tips are also available for polishing and burnishing.




A Narrow Diameter for a Smoother Delivery

For implant patients who have inadequate space or anatomical conditions that prevent standard delivery, narrow diameter implants offer a minimally invasive option for fast healing. Here are some of the narrow diameter implants available....

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Profin PDX
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