ProGlass Plus

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Designed with very low film thickness and excellent handling properties, ProGlass Plus can also change colors to assist in placement. It then shifts to a translucent A2 shade when set. Additionally, no etch is required before placement. According to Silmet, ProGlass Plus does not cause any postoperative sensitivity and delivers strong adhesion to teeth and metal. These properties ensure both patient and clinician satisfaction.The Bisphenol-free formulation of ProGlass Plus also delivers high radiopacity and fluoride release. ProGlass Plus is offered in powder/liquid kits as well as in Silmet’s patent-pending Luer Lock capsule with screwable tip. For ease of capsule insertion into the amalgamator, the application tip can be easily screwed onto the capsule after trituration, allowing easy and accurate application of the material to the designated surface.

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ProGlass Plus
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